Apps of the week: Evernote Penultimate, Flipboard and GYRO

Apps of the week: Evernote Penultimate, Flipboard and GYRO

Renata Poet Williams

New apps come out daily; sometimes it almost seems by the hour. There are so many to choose from, but here are a few that shouldn’t escape your attention this week.

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Evernote Penultimate 

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After searching and searching for a good notes app, I came across this one. It’s exactly what I’d been looking for to take notes on with a stylis. It’s free, first of all, which is awesome for all of the features it gives you. The app allows you to make individual notebooks for whatever you need as well as endless pages within those notebooks. The writing capability is great because it adjusts to the way that you write. When I first got the app, it had a “wrist” feature which allowed you to place your wrist on your tablet so that it was more like writing on a piece of paper. Since I’ve updated it, I haven’t been able to find that feature again, although it says it’s still there. The wrist feature was by-far the best part of the app because it made writing so comfortable. If you’re looking for an app that’ll satisfy your note-taking needs, this one should do it.

Available on Google Play and the App Store.

By Renata Williams

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This is a fairly old app that I discovered a long time ago. The reason I am even mentioning it is because I think everyone who has a smartphone or tablet should have an app like this to educate oneself on local, national and international news. It’s very simple; you can view news stories just by flipping through pages and once something sparks your attention, you click on it and read. There are different categories such as sports, shopping, business, music, etc., that you can click on to cater to your interests. There is also the ability to link your Facebook or Twitter and see your timelines all on one app. I’ve kept up with a lot of important news through this app, without even having to read in-depth on every issue. Just reading titles helps me understand things that are going on around me. This app does a great job of making news easier to access and I’d recommend it to everyone.

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

By Renata Williams

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Lately, I’ve wanted to find a game that would keep my attention. I ended up downloaded GYRO and immediately found it to be quite entertaining. The objective of the game is spin the wheel and match the three colors on the wheel to the corresponding drops that are coming from all different directions. I haven’t necessarily played this game long enough to be great, or even good, at it. But, whenever I’m bored and am on my phone, I’ll pull this game up and play for a little while. There are four different game modes; Challenges, Arcade, Time Attack and Hardcore. As far as I know, Challenges and Arcade are the only two game modes that are free, but in my opinion, I like Arcade best because it’s just a free-for-all. This isn’t the most exhilarating or fun game, but it is a good time passer. It’s also fairly easy to play so it’s recommendable for many ages.

Available on the App Store and Google Play.
By Renata Williams