DIY mustache bookmark


Photo by Manal Salim

Manal Salim

Photo by Manal Salim
Photo by Manal Salim
With the chilly fall weather approaching, the urge to curl up and read a good book has been ever-present for me lately. Typically, when reading, I tend to “dog-ear” the pages when I find a good stopping point. However, upon scrolling through Pinterest the other day, I came across a seemingly simple DIY project that would make my reading this fall even more enjoyable. To learn how to make this cute and simple mustache bookmark, just keep reading.
Photo by Manal Salim
Photo by Manal Salim
You will need:

  • Mustache printout (I got mine here)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Black construction paper
  • Stiff black paper (I used a Mizzou magazine)
  • Book

To make the bookmark:

  1. First, cut out the printout of the mustache as close to the border as possible. After that, place the cutout onto the piece of stiff black paper, and hold the two together tightly.
  2.  Continue to cut a mustache onto the stiff black paper using the original printout as a guideline. After you cut the black stiff paper mustache, cut two more mustaches out of the construction paper.
  3. Next, hot glue the two construction paper mustaches together, and then glue them both to the back of the stiff black paper mustache. This will provide the mustache bookmark with sufficient backing and support to prevent it from bending too much.
  4. Cut out a thin strip of black paper long enough to reach from end to end of the mustache. After that, hot glue this strip to the back of the mustache bookmark.
  5. Lastly, slip your mustache onto the corner of your book pages to serve as an eye-catching and unique bookmark.
Photo by Manal Salim
Photo by Manal Salim
After completing this Pinterest project, I can honestly say that the DIY project was truly as simple as it sounds. I was able to complete the entire craft from start to finish in about 10-15 minutes tops. All of the aforementioned items were simple objects that I was able to find around my house, as I am sure many others will be able to too.
The only suggestions I would recommend is perhaps reinforcing the stencil to the actual piece of construction or stiff paper a little bit better than just holding it. Sometimes the stencil would slip out of my hands, and placing back into the correct place to trace again was a bit frustrating. Otherwise, I found this project simple enough for anyone to accomplish, regardless of crafting ability. All in all, this project is a simple project that provides a way to personalize your books as you catch up on reading this fall and winter.
By Manal Salim