Meet homecoming queen candidate Morgan Bumby


Senior Morgan Bumby. Photo by Daphne Yu

Daphne Yu

Senior Morgan Bumby. Photo by Daphne Yu
What was your reaction after hearing you were one of the nominees?
I was so excited when I heard that I had been nominated. I feel very honored to have been picked by my classmates and I think it’s such a great opportunity.
Did you want to be homecoming queen and how did you get people to vote for you?
I always thought it’d be a lot of fun to get on the court, so I’m thankful that I got the opportunity. Just being involved in all of the chaos will be lots of fun.
What do you think of this year’s theme for homecoming?
I think that we took a very different approach this year with the theme and it’s always good to try out new ideas so I’m excited to see how it turns out.
How do you plan on involving the student body with the homecoming activities?
I’m hoping since the theme is Color the Community that people will feel more able to participate because the theme for everyday is something everybody can do.
What school activities do you participate in?
I play for the girls soccer team in the spring and that’s what I spend most of my time doing. But I am also a member of NHS and RBRO. And I’m the Boys Soccer team manager which is pretty fun; I really love all of the guys.
Which homecoming activity do you look forward to the most? Dread the most?
I think I’m the most excited for the assembly, because I remember watching it the past couple of years and just getting goosebumps every time because it’s such a special moment for everybody involved and just the school as a whole. I wouldn’t say there’s anything I’m dreading but finding a dress will be a challenge.
By Daphne Yu