Varsity cheerleaders place second at state competition


The Rock Bridge Varsity Cheerleaders raise senior Kayla Cooper up during a practice.

Anna Wright

The Rock Bridge Varsity Cheerleaders raise senior Kayla Cooper up during a practice.
The Rock Bridge Varsity Cheerleaders raise senior Kayla Cooper up during a practice.
Photo by Mariah Journey
The varisty cheerleaders placed second at the state competition last weekend, Sept. 14 and 15, at the Hearnes Center.
The 25 girls who competed, coached by Jessica Kendrick, had been practicing their routine since June of this year. Despite their careful preparation, senior Wynter Bresaw said that the cheer squad’s success did not come easy.  A series of unexpected setbacks occurred just before the competition, making their second place victory all the more of an accomplishment.

“We had two girls get injured the day before the competition, so we had to completely redo our routine and then go to competition and compete it,” Wynter said.  “I think we did really good getting second place because every girl worked so hard to hit that routine after everything that happened.”

Bresaw said the girls were both surprised and overjoyed by their impressive placement, which was unexpected after the preceding team injuries. Although pre-competiton jitters plagued many of the squad members, their well-earned success made it all worth while.

“It was really nerve wracking,” Bresaw said.  “I think we were all just so nervous that we weren’t going to do very good and that we were going to end up getting last place because of everything that happened. We pulled through and we hit the best routine that we had done, so we were all just so excited that we got through it together.”

Senior Kayla Cooper was one of the varsity cheerleaders who suffered a serious injury directly before the state competition. Although Cooper was unable to perform as complex of a routine as she would have without her injury, she was still able to participate in the squad’s performance.

“I fell out of a stunt and landed on my back spot’s knee and hyperextended my back and got a bone bruise on my spine,” Cooper said. “I had to be taken out of Stunts and tumbling. We redid the routine last minute and competed it at state. I was upset that it was my senior year and I couldn’t do anything but dance and motions but at least I got to compete.”

Cooper said she was proud of her fellow squad members and their ability to adjust to any unexpected pre-competition trials. Without the unique and talented team of girls on this year’s RBHS varsity squad, a second place victory may not have been achievable.

“This team is very good at being versatile so we were able to make changes last minute and still be able to perform at our full ability,” Cooper said. “This is one of the strongest teams to come through Rock Bridge and every single girl brought her own talent to the team. With this, we were able to pull through and do great at state.”

By Anna Wright