Sweet swimsuits help beat the summer heat


Feature photo by Renata Williams.

art by Hope Smith and Emily Franke
Art by Hope Smith and Emily Franke
From store to store, a battle of who’s got the most stylish swimsuits seems to have arisen. Trending fashions this summer involve a lot of patterns – anything from stripes to lemons. High-waisted bottoms are also popular this year, as well as tops with removable straps. Mixing patterns and solids is fashion forward for the upcoming summer of 2013.
Given that spring is just around the corner and this is when people start thinking about buying swimsuits, Forever 21’s online site was quite disappointing in terms of choice. They’ve got only a few swimsuits to choose from, so finding a suit that you’ll absolutely fall in love with, before swimsuit season is difficult, though their prices may be well worth the compromise.
Their highest priced two piece tops are $13.80, while their one pieces are $22.80. Many of their swimsuits don’t have the mix and don’t mind having a cherry top with a lemon bottom. I simulated a checkout to view the likelihood of free shipping or low shipping. Forever 21 offers free shipping on all orders more than $50, meaning, unfortunately, one swimsuit will not cut you a deal, and given their low choice, finding two may be hard.
I’ve had the pleasure of shopping at the Target stores as well as their online shop and have discovered that despite Target’s great choice, a few of their items are slightly different in person than they are online. Colors, as well as patterns, seem different, leaving you with a swimsuit you weren’t expecting.
Target may not be trying to trick their shoppers, but be wary regardless. Now, despite the changing suits, Target has so much to offer. They’ve got more options than Forever 21, and the ability to mix-and-match so many suits that shopping online can get overwhelming. I prefer the store because the sizes tend to vary and I personally like knowing what I’m getting. Target’s prices are reasonable, but can get expensive at times. The nice thing is, matching tops in colors jade or black with a cheap neutral bottom can stretch your money. Shipping is free on all orders $50 and over, which is easier to make with Target’s prices.
Lulu’s is definitely a pricier option than both Forever 21 and Target, though it keeps up with the latest fashions. My problem was finding their swimsuits. I had to take a roundabout way because the site’s drop down menus don’t include swimwear. So, from my experience, hover over SALE>CLOTHING on sale, then on the left side, below SHOP BY, click on swim. You don’t have the ability to just buy one piece; the price includes the whole swimsuit. At first this looks like a good deal, but the swimsuits are considerably more expensive than other stores.
If you’re looking for a splurge, with great quality, this is the right shop. However, Lulu’s has a very small choice in terms of swimsuits, so it may be a problem finding a swimsuit that you love. This was annoying because with their high prices, one would think Lulu’s would offer more of a selection.
Free shipping is given on all orders more than $50, meaning you will automatically get free shipping because all of their actual swimsuits are over $50. This store is overpriced for the selection it is giving you.
As spring ends and summer begins, swimsuits are an essential buy and shops expand their choice as warm weather nears. For those somewhat ‘lazy’ shoppers, any of these three stores should please your taste, though there is nothing like going to a store and trying one on yourself. These stores keep up with the latest trends and have so much variety that the biggest contributing factor to a purchase may just be price. Settling for one or two cheaper, less stylish swimsuits may be the way to go. This will allow you to have extra money for summer activities that may be more enjoyable.