Courtwarming events cancelled, rescheduled


Daphne Yu

King Candidates line up for the A Day lunch activities in the main commons Feb. 20. Photo by Maddy Jones
King Candidates line up for the A Day lunch activities in the main commons Feb. 20. Photo by Maddy Jones
Columbia Public Schools announced a snow day Wednesday, Feb. 20 in preparation for severe winter weather. The winter storm hit Columbia early Thursday morning, bringing bouts of snow and occasional ice.
Due to weather, RBHS decided earlier today to make changes to rest of courtwarming week.
“While this is the first time I can recall courtwarming activities being impacted by weather, it is certainly not the first time major all-school activities have had to be rescheduled,” Activities Director David Bones said in an email interview. “I am confident that we can reschedule courtwarming events such that they are successful as well.”
Administration rescheduled the courtwarming assembly to Tuesday, Feb. 26, where the king will be crowned in front of the student body instead of Saturday’s girls basketball game, Bones said. Students will be able to vote on Monday for their candidate to make up for the lost day on Thursday, and the theme day for Thursday – “Favorite Film” day will also take place Monday.
In addition, the courtwarming dance Saturday night has also been cancelled due to weather. Administrators hope to reschedule on a suitable date that does not conflict with other major all-school events.
“While not ideal, we feel this is the way to go, given the circumstances,” Bones said. “In the meantime, students who purchased tickets can bring them to the Activities Office for a refund.”
Rescheduling the crowning and possibly the dance will now allow for all king candidates to be present for the events. The courtwarming game and dance had previously clashed with a show choir competition, also taking place Saturday, Feb. 23. Since king candidate Ian Meyer is a member of City Lights, he would have been out of town.
“Now that I can do both, it’s great, but it’s not really a huge deal for me. I really appreciate everyone nominating me … [but] I don’t really expect myself to win. I’m not really a competitive person by nature. I’m a choir kid, so to be with show choir is better than being crowned,”  Meyer said. As for the dance, “I would have been as happy being with show choir. If I could do both then it’s all good, but I wasn’t too broken up about not being able to make it.”
By Daphne Yu
What do you think of the cancellation of the dance? How do you like the rescheduling of the king crowning?