Photo by Asa Lory

There are chains that bind us, invisible cords stronger than the densest metal, to which only our minds are impervious. We think unmentionable thoughts, yet remain silent.
The stories that follow aim to change that. They beg to open discourse on previously quieted topics, whether because of illegality, stigma or potential for conflict.
We explored what it means to be “taboo,” settling on stories that commonly occupied the quiet corners of hallways, privately exchanged by students of RBHS. We discovered, yes, society stops us, but more often we shackle ourselves in our relentless attempt to bridge the disconnect between who we are and who we think we should be. We found the teenage struggle for self-awareness and the constant tug to conform with societal norms reversed the supposed growth of knowledge. This coming of age that should increase understanding and add experience is, instead, the final vow of adult silence…
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