Mizzou Reads speaker to welcome North Korean detainee Laura Ling


Sophie Whyte

One misstep in March 2009 cost Laura Ling 201,600 minutes of her life.
Invited by the Mizzou Reads Speakers as part of their New Student Program, Ling, an American journalist and author, was reporting on the trafficking of North Korean women in 2009 near the Chinese-North Korean border when she was captured by North Korean soldiers and imprisoned for 140 days. It was only after Kim Jong-il, then-leader of North Korea, issued a special pardon that she was allowed to return home.
Mid-Missourians have the chance to listen to Ling speak from 7:30-8:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 6, at the Missouri Theatre, 203 South 9th Street. Admission is free and no ticket is required.
By Sophie Whyte