Prom brings complications for Mother’s Day

Maddie Davis

(From left to right), seniors Laura Jrsek, Emily Gaunt, Dani Long, Sami Johnson, Lexi Bumby, Maddie Davis, junior Bailey Linebaugh, and senior Shelby Smith pose for pre-prom photos. Long and Gaunt's mother had spent hours helping their daughters pick out prom dresses, going with them to get their make up and hair perfect for their big night. Photo provided by Maddie Davis.
With prom the night before Mother’s Day, senior Dani Long had previously decided to celebrate the holiday another time. With no sleep the night before, Long knew her day would consist of rest instead of gifts.
“My mom understood that I wasn’t going to want to wake up early and go to brunch,” Long said. “We scheduled to have a day for the two of us where we would just hang out and enjoy each other’s company.”
While Long opted for a day of relaxation, senior Emily Gaunt was not able to get out of early morning celebrations. Her family followed their annual celebration of breakfast and family time despite her plans the night before.
“We always go over to my grandparents because it’s tradition,” Emily Gaunt said. “We go to G&D every year, too. It’s kind of become what’s expected, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get out of it.”
Because of the traditions, Courtney Gaunt, Emily’s mother, believes it is important to spend time together. Even though Courtney Gaunt does enjoy gifts, she values family bonding over any present.
“It’s one of the few days a year that we all get to spend together without any complications or other plans,” Courtney Gaunt said. “It means a lot when my kids give me cards and are willing to do whatever I want all day. Even though it’s normally just sitting around my parents’ house, it’s still enjoyable.”
Despite Long’s lack of celebration, she agrees the day serves to bring family together. Because of her rescheduling, Long feels the years spent with family has upped the expectations for the day itself.
“I know my mom was fine with it but at the same time I do feel bad that I didn’t really spend the day with her,” Long said. “I feel like I have to make our day really special because it won’t technically be Mother’s Day. Whatever I end up getting her I know it’s mostly about the time and probably what I write in her card.”
By Maddie Davis