Shannon Freese

I have been waiting since 1999 for this day to get here.
I waited in the Mill Creek Elementary lobby area to get shots for kindergarten orientation. I waited in Gentry Middle School’s gym to find out what team I was on (Quest is the best). I waited on the stairs for everyone to move their butts up the steps at Jefferson Junior High School. And ever since then, I’ve been waiting for the parking lot to actually move outside of Rock Bridge Senior High.
I am tired of waiting for graduation. I want to wear the stupid, green robe with the dumb hat. I want to cross the stage, shake Mr. Maus’ hand, get a small holler from my cheering section and get on with my life. I want to move my tassel from one side to the other, take pictures outside Mizzou arena, meet-and-greet all my family and friends at my graduation party, and tie all my loose ends as a high school student. Mainly, I am sick and tired of sitting around and waiting for May 19.
Now that my senioritis has fully kicked in, I am finished with everything. The only reason I’m even arriving at school is so I can take my finals and pass my AP exams. As of right now, all I’m doing is waiting.
I wait for the week to be finished so I can exist in the weekend. I wait for work to end so I can go out with my friends. There’s nothing more irritating than waiting.
The worst part about waiting is the more you think about waiting the slower time seems to pass. I glance at a clock, and it’s only been 10 minutes since I last checked it. My existence as an 18-year-old senior in high school is devoted to waiting. And texting, but mostly waiting. I wait, I wait, and I wait.
I want to graduate. I want to be in college (University of Missouri-Columbia, if anyone was wondering).
Mostly because I’ve spent the last 13 years waiting for it.
Today, I hate waiting.