15 Days of Torment: Day 11 ‘The Ugly Truth’

Jude El Buri

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The Ugly Truth made me cry a couple of times. It had some moments that really got to me. I’m not talking about being sad. I’m talking tears of laughter. It wasn’t necessarily original with the love story (the guy for her was right under her nose the whole time), but it was extremely hilarious at times that I didn’t even care about the plot.
I used to hate Katherine Heigl. After watching 27 Dresses as a prerequisite to my challenge, I wasn’t too fond of her. But then I fell in love with her from this movie. It was Katherine Heigl’s facial expressions and reactions to things that made me laugh. And her happy dance. It was so cute.
Abby — Katherine Heigl — is a morning show producer who struggles to find love (the inevitable chick flick element of this movie). When one day, the man who she hates most shows up as a guest on her show, and she is agonized to find out that he is the reason their ratings went up. He is now starting a segment on her show. His beliefs are completely opposite of hers and he cannot be the most obnoxious person.
He convinces her to do things using his method, and to her utter surprise, his method works. In the process, the two unsurprisingly fall in love. But, I still ended up liking it. I liked this movie so much that I’m thinking that I would actually watch it again if I had to.