Electro magic brings Neon Trees to new level

Sonya Francis


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Everybody Talks and everyone is talking about the new Neon Trees’ album, Picture Show. If you liked, “Animal” than you will love this – the album contains the perfect variety of new era music and classic party songs all the way down to slower more honest tracks towards the second half. This sophomore album could potentially be one of the top rock alternative releases of the year, due to its striking originality with its mix of genres between rock, alternative and electro punk. 
With a Utah background, the band landed a spot as the opening act on The Killers tour, and suddenly they exploded on to the map just a year after originally releasing their first single, “Your Surrender.” However this album proves them to be more than a summer song fad, this time they are bringing more than the norm genre of rock and roll to the table.
This album is exactly what the new summertime season needed- an album with an upbeat sound that will carry anyone all the way through the night but at the same time including slower tracks on the second half of the album to provide a realness that music lovers crave.
Front man Tyler Croon will convince you to pull out your dancing shoes with his electronic energy and style that isn’t previously recognizable. Most of the tracks are must haves for a night out and if you aren’t going anywhere this album will make you want to.
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 By Sonya Francis