Mraz returns to friends with even more love

Sonya Francis

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Whatever methods were taken to achieve the loving nature Jason Mraz holds should be taught much more publicly because all he preaches is the power of his feelings.
His new album, Love is a Four Letter Worddebuted on April 17 amidst waves of  of anticipation. News of the album first surfaced in 2009 when Mraz stated on his MySpace that he was preparing a new project, and the eagerness for the release date ensued.
Three years later, the final product does not disappont. The entire album serves the sole purpose of a mellow romance song for lovers, friends or family; the words wreak nothing but a carefree day and carefree life if love is existent. If your heart melted when he released “Lucky” with Colbie Cailat in ‘08, then your heart better watch out – what he has to sing to us now places that one coveted feeling in your fingertips.
 The album single, “I won’t give up” carries the entire collaboration and if the single isn’t for you, then the album most definitely isn’t either. The soft acoustic sound is present throughout and Mraz’s passionate, patient words make a song more of true friendship than of a fiery love. In the end, friendship is the only thing that seems to matter. What more can the words “I don’t wanna be someone who walks away so easily I’m here to stay and make the difference that I can make,” mean other than caring for someone in a much more powerful way than trying to keep your bed warm at night.
 This isn’t a party album, a pump up jam or  your best girlfriend’s favorite radio hit. This is an album suitable only for a day full of raw disposition, a wandering, bubble baths, or laying around in the bright sun with ‘man’s best friend.’ The words Mraz sings suggest a life much greater than a hussle and bussle, rather it fights the idea. This album conquers a better, simpler idea of life in an even larger way than his previous albums. We all felt his “childlike wildlife” love in 2002, but this is something of a whole new relationship between man and the seemingly unattainable life of avoiding the worries in life. This album has only the best messages to give off, even if some may seem unrealistic, maybe, even for a little while those messages can feel like a reality thanks to the help of our good friend and melody confidant, Jason Mraz.
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By Sonya Francis