Mr. and Mrs. Rock Bridge cancelled, will not return next year

Shivangi Singh

Posters like these advertising for the fundraiser dotted the halls. Photo by Daphne Yu
Because of unpreparedness, organizer junior Julia Schaller said Student Council had to cancel Mr. and Mrs. Rock Bridge, previously scheduled for tonight.
Too many last-minute drop-outs, lack of publicity and few leaders resulted in the cancellation, she said.
For the program, students who were interested in participating were to pair up with a teacher of their choice; they would then both go up on stage to free dance, show off evening wear and present a mystery talent. Their performance would end with the student’s impersonation of the teacher.
Mr. and Mrs. Rock Bridge was supposed to show “Rock Bridge’s awesome student-teacher bond,” Schaller said, “and how the students and teachers can be so comfortable with each other to act on stage together doing funny things.”
Although the event was intended to raise money for the junior class’ senior activities, the cancellation will not affect anything as Schaller said the junior class raised enough money through Sophomore Sabotage. Mr. and Mrs. Rock Bridge will not return next year because of this year’s cancellation and last year’s poor attendance, Schaller said.
“We’re really trying to steer away from it next year,” Schaller said, “so hopefully we’ll think of a better activity or event that the junior class next year will be involved in and raise money from.”
Upon hearing the news, senior Dakotah Cooper was shocked but then relieved. He said he and his partner, acting teacher Mary Coffield, had little time to prepare their act.
Before spring break, they had compiled a list of different events, discussed their “quirk” — siding with a costume change for each event — and planned to choreograph the dance. But, there was little time for execution.
The cancellation “was a little disappointing, but at least [the planning] was an entertaining thought,” Cooper said, “and I got to see even more of a creative side from one of my favorite teachers come out as we worked together to prep.”
By Shivangi Singh