Seth Meyers’ wit amazes audiences

Carleigh Thrower

Seth Myers
SNL cast member Seth Myers performed a stand-up comedy routine Monday night at Jesse auditorium. Photo by Carleigh Thrower
It was all laughs for the people who gathered in Jesse Auditorium last night to see comedian, and Saturday Night Live head writer, Seth Meyers. While Meyers wraps up his comedy tour, he stopped in Columbia last night during SNL’s break from filming until its showing April 7. Meyers had a packed house as MU students geared up  to see the SNL legend.
Meyers opened with his mocking impressions of  Matthew McConaughey, Owen Wilson and, of course, George W. Bush. Like most of his skits and “news reports” on SNL, Meyers’ sarcastic personality won the audience over.

Unlike many comedians who stick to their scripts, Meyers tested his witty improv skills by talking to the audience members, asking them questions about their love lives. As they answered he continued to make humorous side notes, which kept the audience on its feet and dying of laughter.

Meyers had a way of connecting with the younger audience as he reminisced of the times when he was in college at Northwestern University, relating stories about his social life and the often awkward moments. Now 38, Meyers continued to describe his awkward encounters with President Obama and his drunken bar fights, where his sarcasm didn’t get him far. Nevertheless, Meyers surprised me with the bout of humor he brought to his act; he was able to laugh at himself and gave the audience an insight into his rather unpublicized life.

He referenced the GOP candidates, imitating their somewhat stupid mistakes and often humorous runs in their race for candidacy, even bringing up the scandalous and publicized stories of the candidates’ pasts, which indeed, needed some mockery.

As he wrapped up, he read weekend update stories that were cut from their live airing. Undoubtedly he read the script as he would on SNL, which made the punchlines even more hilarious due to the seriousness he portrayed.

As he breezed through his act, it almost gave the impression that stand up comedy is easy, although that hardly is the case. Through his charm, I found myself laughing uncontrollably at relatable, everyday situations that Meyers turned into a comedic masterpiece. Having watch Meyers on SNL since age 12, I can tell you that there were no disappointments here and it was definitely a show to see.

By Carleigh Thrower