Bruin Girls dance their way to fourth at state championships

Daphne Yu

The girls add swift dance moves to their blue sequined dresses for their Jazz dance in the gym in preparation for the state championships. Photo by Drew Rodgers
After a three hour ride to Kansas City where the state championships were held Saturday, Feb. 25, the Bruin Girls switched out of their comfy car clothes into another set of travel apparel, navy blue flight attendant uniforms.
Made specifically for the team, the uniforms served as the costume for the first of two dances the girls performed.
Although slightly nervous, the girls made it through the first dance, only to have to showcase their second one less than two hours later.
“We were all excited to perform and show all the different schools what we could do,” junior Morgan Neutzmann said. “This was our last performance with our [only] senior, so it was pretty special to us. I will miss Kathleen [Oglesby] so much, and I was just glad we got to dance with her as a team one last time.”
In addition to knowing this was their last chance to dance with Oglesby, the girls knew a state title was also on the line. With the level of competition present at the state level, the girls needed all the momentum they could get.
“The competition was pretty tough,” Neutzmann said. “There were a lot of good dance teams at the competition, and we were just a few points away from first.”
Although the girls are a bit disappointed in their fourth place finish at state, they are still proud of themselves since they know the point difference between ranks was so close, Neutzmann said. The girls scored 96 out of 100. The number was based on showmanship, costume, precision, technique and synchronization.
“I mean, we would prefer placing higher,” Neutzmann said. “But since we were all together and had a good time, it was a great day.”
By Daphne Yu