Sophomore advisories create homecoming spirit

Afsah Khan

Butcher paper covers the hallways, props dangles from above classroom doors and competition rages between teachers and their students. This is the school spirit for door decks during homecoming week.
Sophomore Advisory classes started creating the door decks before the homecoming week started in order to allude to the atmosphere of homecoming spirit. Each advisory class played off the homecoming theme for the year when trying to decorate their doors or, in some cases, their hallways.
“Our door deck is basically a scrapbook of the Bruin bear’s trip throughout famous destinations in the world,” sophomore Alyssa Piecko said, “and we stop at Rock Bridge and that shows [this year’s] Coast to Coast theme.”
The advisory classes received help from their senior mentors as the mentors also embraced the competitive spirit.
“We want to keep the sophomores the main leaders of the door decks, senior mentor Nelly Poehlman said, “but me and my partners want to have fun guiding them.”
Judging of door decks starts on Oct. 6 for B-day classes and Oct. 7 for A-day classes. Each advisory will be judged on creativity, incorporation of this year’s theme and overall effort as a group.
By Afsah Khan and Brittany Cornelison