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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

The jelly bean display.
Photo by Maria Kalaitzandonakes

The sweetest season

Maria Kalaitzandonakes April 18, 2013

Spring is here. The pitter-pattering of the rain has begun to hit my windows every morning. And I lull myself to sleep with quiet french songs, cuddled up in the nook of easy chair with a worn out Harry...

‘The Moo Man’ humanizes heifers

Maria Kalaitzandonakes March 3, 2013

On a little dairy farm in Sussix, England Andy Heathcote provides a quiet look into the farmer Stephen Hook’s life, and more uniquely, the life of his cows. Here, at Hook and Son’s Farm, Heathcote...

This looks like a big bowl of cheese. Really, it is a big bowl of sweet potatoes. The sheer amount of potato that went into this dish was overwhelming. SO much orange.

Hot potato, hot potato

Maria Kalaitzandonakes February 22, 2013

Cupcakes are usually sweet -- but this day, I tried something different. The recipe said I was making mini Shepard's pie, but  I think it was more of a delicious sweet potato, pork and veggie cupcake....

Photos show effects of bullying

Photos show effects of bullying

Maria Kalaitzandonakes January 22, 2013

Bullying is a rampant crime in high school. Almost no one gets out unscathed. I asked a few brave souls to revisit a time when they were bullied, to write the words said to them, and to let me write...

Capturing moments with cards from Poppy

Maria Kalaitzandonakes September 17, 2012

My mom was having a bad day. It wasn’t anything in particular, but all the little inconveniences and frustrations had piled up and her brow was a deep furrowed line. That day, I had to go downtown...

Columbia pushes for civility

Maria Kalaitzandonakes September 11, 2012

Senior Carrina Fowler was waiting for the bus, tired after a long day of school, dragging her black converse shoes along the concrete. A sea of RBHS students walked by her until a girl Fowler had never...

Waiting for nighttime atop the blue garage

Maria Kalaitzandonakes August 31, 2012

On one of the last days of summer, a long-time friend and I went to the top of the new parking garage on Fifth and Walnut. We climbed up the ten stories, huffing and puffing, one hand on the rail, the...

House fire changes perspective

House fire changes perspective

Maria Kalaitzandonakes February 8, 2012

A lean, blonde boy stood awkwardly, one hand on his hip. His old, green back-pack sat at his feet as he posed in front of his house for the classic first day of school pictures. His red brick house stood...

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