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Bearing News

The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Special Nameplates

2016 – 2017

Daylight Saving Time
Nameplate by Joy Park
Nameplate by Dzung Nguyen
Emerald City Day
Nameplate by Moy Zhong
We’re Not in Kansas Anymore Day
Nameplate by Joy Park
Twister Day
Nameplate by Joanna Yu
Black & White Day
Nameplate by Dzung Nguyen

2015 – 2016

Earth Day Nameplate by Erin Barchet
April Fools’ Day Nameplate by Shelby Yount
Spring Break Nameplate by Stephanie Kang
Easter Nameplate by Stephanie Kang
First day of spring Nameplate by Neil Cathro
Global Village Nameplate by Stephanie Kang
St. Patrick’s Day Nameplate by Ana Ramirez
Einstein’s 137th birthday  Nameplate by Abby Kempf
True/False Film Fest Nameplate by Megan Goyette
Tactical Thursday Nameplate by Neil Cathro
Wild Wear Wednesday Nameplate by Joy Park
Twin Day Nameplate by Shelby Yount
Pajama Day Nameplate by Stephanie Kang
Presidents’ Day Nameplate by Megan Goyette
Mardi Gras Day Nameplate by Stephanie Kang
art by Shelby Young Lunar New Year Nameplate by Shelby Yount
Groundhog Day Nameplate by Erin Barchet
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Nameplate by Neil Cathro
Happy New Year 2016 Nameplate by Shelby Yount
Heros/Villains Day Nameplate by Erin Barchet
Prince/Princess Day Nameplate by Megan Goyette
Animal/Sidekick Day Nameplate by Stephanie Kang
Wide World of Disney Day Nameplate by Stephanie Kang
Homecoming Week Kickoff Nameplate by Neil Cathro

2014 – 2015

Summer/Winter Day Nameplate by Ellie Stitzer
St. Patrick’s Day Nameplate by Maddy Mueller
Black History Month: Hands-Up, Don’t Shoot Nameplate by Maddy Mueller
Black History Month: Influential Artists Nameplate by Claire Simon
Black History Month: Laverne Cox Nameplate Nameplate by Maddy Mueller
Black History Month: Civil Rights Movement Nameplate by Ellie Stitzer
Black History Month: Lupita Nameplate by Maddy Mueller
Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move!’ Campaign Kickoff Nameplate by Claire Simon
Black History Month: Selma Nameplate by Ellie Stitzer
Black History Month: Influential Scientists Nameplate by Ellie Stitzer
Summer/Winter Day Nameplate by Ellie Stitzer
Old/Young Day Nameplate by Maddy Mueller
Hero/Villain Day Nameplate by Maddy Mueller
City/Country Day Nameplate by Ellie Stitzer
Homecoming Spirit Day Nameplate by Claire Simon


90’s Day Nameplate by Sarah Poor
USA Day Nameplate
Homecoming Spirit Day Nameplate
Pro Sports Day Nameplate by Yasmeen El-Jayyousi
Camo Day Nameplate by Maddy Mueller
Presidents’ Day Nameplate
MTV Day Nameplate
ESPN Day Nameplate
Disney Day Nameplate by Maddy Mueller
Courtwarming Spirit Day Nameplate


Spring Break Nameplate by Richard Sapp
St. Patrick’s Day Nameplate by Jennifer Stanley
Pi Day Nameplate by Michelle Zhuang
Global Village Food Day Nameplate by Hyelee Won
Global Village Fashion Show Day Nameplate by Michelle Zhuang
Global Village Music and Song Day Nameplate by Hyelee Won
Valentine’s Day Nameplate by Paige Martin
Mardi Gras Nameplate by Hyelee Won
President’s Day Nameplate by Richard Sapp
Super Bowl Nameplate by Richard Sapp
Groundhog’s Day Nameplate by Michelle Zhuang
Black History Month Kickoff Nameplate by Hyelee Won
Dec. 21, 2012 Nameplate by Richard Sapp
Pearl Harbor Nameplate by Hyelee Won
Veterans Day Nameplate by Jennifer Stanley
Black Friday Nameplate by Michelle Zhuang
Thanksgiving Day Nameplate by Paige Martin
Election Day Nameplate by Yasmeen El-Jayyousi
Citizen Jane Film Festival Nameplate by Yasmeen El-Jayyousi
Snow Day Nameplate by Yasmeen El-Jayyousi


Chinese New Year Nameplate by Joanne Lee
Groundhog Day Nameplate by Theresa Whang
  No School Nameplate by Theresa Whang
  Valentine’s Day Nameplate by Shawn Crouch
  Courtwarming Week Music Day Nameplate by Shawn Crouch
  Courwarming Week Workout Day Nameplate by Theresa Whang
 Theresa whang Courtwarming Week Spirit Day Nameplate by Theresa Whang
Kurt Cobain Nameplate by Rose McManus
  True/False Film Festival Nameplate by Theresa Whang
  Leap Day Nameplate by Shawn Crouch
  Pi Day Nameplate by Anna Sheals
St. Patrick’s Day Nameplate by Kelly Brucks
Easter Nameplate by Joanne Lee
Nameplate by Joanne Lee
Friday the 13th Nameplate by Shawn Crouch
Pacemaker Nameplate by Theresa Whang
Apollo 13 Nameplate by Shawn Crouch


  Nameplate by Yasmeen El-Jayyousi
Bearing News Nameplate by Richard Sapp
Bearing News Nameplate by Theresa Whang
Nameplate by Shannon Freese and Rose McManus
Nameplate by Kelly Brucks
  Nameplate by Theresa Whang