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Art by Moy Zhong

‘Weather’ or not you agree, climate change is a hoax

Katie Whaley December 20, 2018

All scientists are shams. Between their lengthy words and outlandish hypotheses, they have crafted deceitful fantasies to oppress and blind us from the truth. They contend the earth is round when it is...

Art by Valeria Velasquez

Food surplus leads to excess waste

George Frey December 18, 2018

With the world’s population being 7.5 billion and rising, human beings will endlessly continue to pollute. There currently isn’t a total and complete way to stop pollution; we rely on driving cars,...

Art by Valeria Velasquez

Absent voters neglect duties

Ann Fitzmaurice November 12, 2018

At 6 a.m. the polls open on voting day. More than 100 precincts scatter across Columbia. In August, 99,934 people registered to vote, yet only 37,305 casted their ballot. With polling places open for 13...

Now you’re talking: Classroom staple strikes issue with students

Now you’re talking: Classroom staple strikes issue with students

Multiple Authors October 29, 2018

[vc_custom_heading text="Public speaking aides youth" use_theme_fonts="yes"]In the United States, anxiety disorders affect 25.1 percent of adolescents between 13 and 18-years-old, according to Anxiety...

Art by Valeria Velasquez

AP World needs modification, not division

The Rock and Bearing News Staff October 18, 2018

With the College Board’s coming upheaval of the Advanced Placement (AP) World History, this year’s freshmen and every class after may miss out on decades of history education. This past summer, the...

Art by Valeria Velasquez

Coalition Checklist offers meaning, could employ revisions

Katie Whaley October 15, 2018

With mental health affecting 20 percent of American students, KMIZ reports, it is a crucial issue to address in schools. Columbia Public Schools (CPS) has a system in place to check mental wellness in...

Art by Valeria Velasquez

Scoring high: test results continue to shape future

Emily Oba October 15, 2018

Individuals are responsible for their own lives and can choose to do what they want with them. Whether that means taking school seriously or going with the flow, the decision is one’s own, personal choice. Nevertheless,...

Photo Illustration by Sophie Eaton

Math fosters independent minds

Anna Xu October 15, 2018

Math is the most hated on subject, often given harsh connotations from Grade Point Average (GPA) killer to the Math Monster. Suffering students and adults with past horror stories have questioned the purpose...

Old people worry that contemporary childrens media maybe poisoning the youth. Photo illustration by Camryn DeVore.

U.K. to regulate online porn, why you should care

Ethan Hayes October 9, 2018

[vc_video link=""]Whether or not we like it, the world is going virtual. The internet makes human interaction a 100 times easier and allows...

American students should not take education for granted

American students should not take education for granted

Katie Whaley September 26, 2018

Teenagers celebrate snow days, anticipate scheduled breaks and can hardly be more excited than when summer rolls around; it says so on their social medias. Snapchat stories, spam accounts and group chats...

Junior Angel Montie holds up a sign while standing in front of the Boone County Courthouse Sept. 10. Montie was at a rally protesting Trump’s plans to cut DACA. “We will be there with them, and that is what we all have to do,” Montie said.

Plans to cut DACA are unacceptable

Rochita Ghosh October 5, 2017

Around 70 million children currently reside in the United States, according to the U.S. Census, and they grew up being taught of the great opportunities the land of the free offered for its noble citizens....

Freshman Sophie Froese lays her head down on the desk during school. Photo by Eléa-Marie Gilles

Students should utilize RBHS resources to aid in finding careers

Emily Oba October 19, 2016

High schoolers seem to have a difficult time figuring out what interests them for a career. Many students go to college with an undecided major, but with all the opportunities given at RBHS they should...

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