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Indian Supreme Court overturns Novartis’ drug patent bid for the good of humanity

Raj Satpathy May 2, 2013

On the front of it, the Indian Supreme Court’s denial of a patent for Novartis’ new anti-cancer medicine seems like a bad choice. The decision, made just two weeks ago on April 1, would logically...

Spread the word to stop the word: Bruins United dedicated the month of April to stopping the use of the hurtful ‘R word.’ Photo by Aniqa Rahman

Organization spreads awareness

Raj Satpathy April 18, 2013

[dropcap style="2" size="3"]H[/dropcap]igh school can be a torrent of teenage angst, drama and the ever-present nasty teasing. Despite the mainstream attention last year after the release of Bully, RBHS...

Student View: Gun Control Background Checks

Student View: Gun Control Background Checks

Raj Satpathy April 11, 2013

April 10,  U.S. senators Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) reached a deal on the controversial background check bill regarding gun control. Though not quite as restrictive as President Obama's...

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Bradley Manning did not deserve Nobel Peace Prize nomination

Raj Satpathy April 5, 2013

In past years, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to influential individuals who are positively contributing to the cause of world peace. This can be done through anything from easing international...

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Tyler, the Creator releases eagerly anticipated album ‘Wolf’

Raj Satpathy April 4, 2013

Tyler, the Creator is by no means a universally adored artist. In fact, it would be more accurate to describe his rap music as “polarizing.” The amount of straight-forward obscenity amidst the unfiltered...

The RBHS Model United Nations team traveled to Washington D.C. to compete in international competition last weekend. Photo used with permission from Dan Ware

Model United Nations team dominates international conference

Raj Satpathy February 20, 2013

[dropcap style="2" size="3"]O[/dropcap]Over the President’s Day weekend, RBHS’ Model United Nations team descended upon Washington D.C. aboard flying metal birds of flame screeching through the sky....

Flipping the bird puts First Amendment freedom to the test

Flipping the bird puts First Amendment freedom to the test

Raj Satpathy February 12, 2013

Every single citizen in the United States should be aware of our “inalienable rights.” The supreme law of the land, the Constitution, guarantees certain privileges to everybody in the United States,...

Four RBHS students will move on to the state level in the PTA Reflections contest. Photo by Daphne Yu

PTA announces Reflections contest winners

Raj Satpathy February 9, 2013

The ubiquitous Parent-Teacher Association has maintained its presence among the nation’s schools for 117 years. Their mission, as stated on their website, is to “make every child’s potential a reality.”...

Pearl Harbor Infographic

Students remember Pearl Harbor

Raj Satpathy December 8, 2012

On Dec. 7, 1941, the Empire of Japan attacked the many islands across the Pacific Ocean, one of which was Hawaii, the home of a U.S. naval base. For those who would like to learn more about Pearl Harbor,...

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‘Pearl Harbor’ delivers entertainment value, forgoes historical accuracy

Raj Satpathy December 7, 2012

Dec. 7, 1947: President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in his famous address the day after to Congress, called it “a date which will live in infamy.” The tragedy at Pearl Harbor made an enormous impact...

Kendrick Lamar gives phenomenal performance at Jesse Hall

Raj Satpathy December 4, 2012

December began with a bass-heavy bang. On the first, Kendrick Lamar graced Jesse Hall with his presence, selling out the auditorium within a day of the tickets going on sale. Though more than 1,700 fans...

Junior Salim Gumati manuvers the ball away from a Hickman High School player Sept. 26.

Soccer emerges as district champs, advances in playoffs

Raj Satpathy October 31, 2012

While most people were outside gallivanting about on a quest for candy tonight in honor of Halloween, the RBHS boys soccer team was instead involved in an intense competition against the Blue Springs...

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