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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

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Sitting leads to detrimental health effects

Maddie Murphy April 2, 2019

In the same way that Netflix claims Orange is the New Black, sitting is undoubtedly the new smoking regarding negative health effects. When thinking of something that could threaten a person’s life,...

March 1, at the district championship game, senior Dajuan Harris calculates his next move, as he prepares to pass to a teammate. Photo by George Frey.

Boys’ basketball beats Kickapoo Chiefs, advances to final four

Maddie Murphy March 10, 2019

The Bruins advance in their pursuit of their first state championship title in school history by another large margin of victory. Led by seniors Isiaih Mosley and Dajuan Harris with a combined 49 points,...

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Realizing the difference between busyness and fullness

Maddie Murphy March 7, 2019

In the last two months, my life has changed. Drastically. The change itself, however, was not at all drastic. In fact, the change was as minute as changing one four-letter word from my vocabulary to another...

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Girls’ basketball advances to state quarterfinals, wins against Lebanon High School

Maddie Murphy March 7, 2019

Sedalia seems to be a good court for both the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams. The Lady Bruins defeated Lebanon High School (LHS) (54-46) Wednesday, March 6 in Sedalia, Mo. This win brings the Bruins...

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Boys’ basketball defeats Camdenton, advances to state quarterfinals

Maddie Murphy March 6, 2019

The boys’ basketball team does not plan on slowing down anytime soon. Tonight’s dominant win versus the Camdenton High School (CHS) Lakers allows the Bruins to become a favorite in the playoffs after...

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Songs that are so chill, you may need a coat

Maddie Murphy March 1, 2019

I absolutely love alternative music. This playlist is comprised of a collection of my favorite songs for relaxing, studying or anything that involves being calm. Some songs are new; some songs are old....

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An open letter to high school as a second semester senior

Maddie Murphy February 27, 2019

Dear High School- Wow. I can’t believe you’re almost over. You’ve been an absolute roller coaster full of countless highs and lows. These truly have been some of my favorite days, but that’s not...

Boys basketball wins over Belton in district semifinal game

Boys’ basketball wins over Belton in district semifinal game

Maddie Murphy February 27, 2019

From the first possession of the game, the boys’ basketball team began its lead over Belton High School (BHS) in dominant fashion. Senior guard Noah Patrick sunk a three-pointer in that possession, starting...

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Send out schedule information earlier

Maddie Murphy February 25, 2019

With schedule deadlines still in the rear-view mirror and the online change request deadline quickly approaching, students are becoming more and more frustrated with the state of our guidance department....

Girls basketball falls to undefeated JCHS Jays

Girls’ basketball falls to undefeated JCHS Jays

Maddie Murphy February 9, 2019

Up until halftime of the Bruins’ (46-33) loss against the Jefferson City High School (JCHS) Jays, the score was incredibly close. Being down one point (22-21) after two quarters of play versus an undefeated...

Girls basketball falls to Whitfield

Girls’ basketball falls to Whitfield

Maddie Murphy February 7, 2019

After four straight quarters of trailing, the girls’ basketball team fell to the Whitfield School (WS) Warriors (66-52) Feb. 5 in St. Louis, Mo. While a loss can be debilitating to some athletes and...

Undecided does not mean Im a failure

Undecided does not mean I’m a failure

Maddie Murphy February 6, 2019

Allmy life I’ve been asked about my future plans. Things like what kind of job I want to do or how many kids I want to have always come up in conversation for as long as I can remember.I would answer...

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