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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Battle of Bands features Rock Bridge talent

Alex Burnam May 17, 2012

This Thursday, May 17th, the 8th annual Columbia Public Schools Battle of the Bands will be held at the Blue Note at 7:15pm. Battle of the Bands is hosted by Hickman High School every year and is a competition...

It’s not all about you

Alex Burnam May 5, 2012

I recently attended my final assembly as a Bruin, the annual Flashback assembly. Nostalgia ruled the affair. I sat in rapt attention as my peers were honored for their achievements throughout their high...

Andy’s Frozen Custard plans for a sweet Saturday

Alex Burnam April 27, 2012

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 28, Andy's Frozen Custard, 610 Cooper Dr. N, will attempt to break a world record for "longest chain of people simultaneously eating ice cream" at their annual summer kick off...

Tweeting is no small change

Alex Burnam April 26, 2012

When senior Curran Van Waarde wakes up every morning, the first thing he does is log into both of his Twitter accounts. While one is used for his personal thoughts, his other account "DwightFalse" is used...

Google introduces new privacy policy effective March 1

Alex Burnam February 29, 2012

Today, Google enacted its new privacy policy, which all internet users are now forced to accept prior to surfing the web on Google. The new policy allows Google to track user’s search results in order...

Model UN receives honorable mention in DC

Alex Burnam February 20, 2012

After several exhausting days of committees and crises, on the evening of Feb. 19, the RBHS Model United Nations team touched down on the tarmac at the Lambert St. Louis International Airport. The team...

Model UN travels to DC, partakes in international competition

Alex Burnam February 15, 2012

New horizons are good for the soul. They excite one’s intellect and brighten one’s day. On the morning of Feb. 15, 28 members of the Model United Nations team rolled out of the south lot with their...

Hitting the books should play role senior year

Alex Burnam February 12, 2012

I launched my senior year fired up about succeeding in class and getting into a spectacular college. I worked at the same pace I had throughout my high school career and applied to many schools. However,...

Boys State worth the commitment

Alex Burnam February 7, 2012

Often times it is not the caliber of the experience, but the caliber of those who experience it with you can truly change the way you think. When I received my acceptance letter to attend Missouri Boys...

Failure breeds success

Alex Burnam January 11, 2012

I had grown up hearing from my father that “fortune favors the brave”; he attributed all of his success in life to it. But prior to May of last year, I had never been outgoing. I kept to myself. I...

Election 2012: Perry provides America with ‘right’ man for future

Alex Burnam October 11, 2011

Since his inauguration in 2009, President Barack Obama, despite his good intentions, has fallen short in completing his Presidential duties. A presidency that is ineffective in satisfying American’s...

Homecoming Assembly: The Bar None Nonsense

Alex Burnam October 7, 2011

On Friday, the final day of homecoming week, which featured imaginary travels across the United States, Rock Bridge school spirit settled at home. At the annual homecoming assembly, fall sports each sent...

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