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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Junior Megan Rodgers practices for the ACT in her 3B ACT Prep class Dec. 20. The ACT Prep class is taught by Mrs. Jacquin, and is meant for students hoping to prepare for/ improve their scores on the ACT. The class lasts one semester, but is available both first and second semester.

Common Core

Elliot Bachrach January 10, 2020

Definition & Purpose The Common Core is an allotment of academic guidelines in math and English.The standards first set by state education chiefs and governors from 48 different states, that establishes...

ECONOMICS: Businessman holding money in his hands. Photo from Envato Elements.

Free College

Elliot Bachrach January 10, 2020

Definition and Purpose From the 1989-1990 school year to the 2018-2019 school year, average tuition doubled at public two-year and private non-profit four-year institutions after accounting for inflation....

Art by Sophie Froese

America needs more unity, less division

Elliot Bachrach December 19, 2019

Division concerning political beliefs in the United States has been a problem since the drafting of the constitution; however, it has increased substantially in recent years. An unfavorable view of the...

Members of the marching band perform a show at halftime of an RBHS football game. Photo by Parker Boone.

Marching band is a performing art, not a sport

Elliot Bachrach December 17, 2019

Football. Baseball. Basketball. Marching band. Which of these words does not belong? The answer is obvious, marching band, as it is not a sport. To be fair, members of the marching band are some of the...

HELPING HAND: Senior Emily Stelzer, a manager, reviews plays, videos and statistics of players on an iPad with coach Mac Waley during the varsity football game against Francis Howell High School Friday, Oct. 25. Stelzer will travel to Blue Springs High School Friday with the varsity team. (Photo by Audrey Snyder)

Behind the screens: Team managers bring stability and support

Elliot Bachrach November 16, 2019

As senior quarterback Grant Hajicek lines up under center for the 7v7 drill, he calls out a play, signaling with his hands to communicate to the rest of the offense. The defensive players, who are distinguished...

Junior cornerback and wide receiver Marquis McCaster (21) along with other RBHS players, kneel down in a huddle for one last post-game speech from Head Coach Van Vanatta. The Bruins fell to Blue Springs 17-10 on Nov. 1. Photo by Elliot Bachrach.

Bruins drop district quarterfinal game to Blue Springs

Elliot Bachrach November 2, 2019

Down 17-10 late in the fourth quarter, the Bruins were in dire need of a touchdown. Senior quarterback Grant Hajicek took the snap and danced from foot to foot, scanning down the field for receivers with...

Sophomore Evan Holiday receives high-fives from teachers and staff as he enters RBHS on the first Friday of the 2019-20 school year. School for the 2020-21 school year will commence on Aug. 24th. Photo by Jadyn Lisenby

New bill changes school start date

Elliot Bachrach October 2, 2019

Gov. Mike Parsons signed a bill on July 11 that will give Missouri students an additional week of summer vacation.  Missouri schools are mandated to start no sooner than 14 days before Labor Day. Consequently,...

Running through the line, junior Bryce Jackson receives the hand off from senior quarterback Grant Hajicek and begins to turn up field.

Bruins end losing streak with route of Hickman

Elliot Bachrach September 28, 2019

The Bruins were all smiles, beaming with joy and pumping their fists at the conclusion of last night’s game against the Hickman Kewpies; the mood differed drastically from the losses in each of the past...

Bruins football team prepares for Providence rivalry game

Elliot Bachrach September 26, 2019

Tomorrow at 7 p.m., the Bruins take on the Hickman Kewpies in the annual Providence Bowl for their second straight road game. With crosstown bragging rights on the line, RBHS hopes to have a change of...


Declining Bruins fall to Battle in third straight loss

Elliot Bachrach September 14, 2019

As the Battle Spartans took a knee to run out the clock, a dejected Bruin team dispersed throughout the field to shake hands with its crosstown rivals. After the display of sportsmanship, the home squad...

Missouri Tigers to play West Virginia today at 11 a.m. Photo by Envato Elements

Humiliating? Yes — but not catastrophic

Elliot Bachrach September 7, 2019

Saturday, Aug. 31 started off as an exciting day for Mizzou fans. The Tigers’ 2019 season opener was set to kick off at 6:30 p.m. in the isolated borough that is Laramie, Wyoming. With the addition of...

Senior Peyton Carr intercepts the ball thrown by the opposing team and tears down the field early in the first quarter. RBHS scores its first touchdown of the season this Friday, Aug 30.

Bruins fall to Rockhurst in opener after offensive struggle

Elliot Bachrach August 31, 2019

The artificial grass on the gridiron was saturated from a day’s worth of rain, making it hard for players to gain traction on the waterlogged turf. The temperature, when compounded with the wind, demanded...

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