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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Cultural value of Global Village prevails through COVID-19

Cultural value of Global Village prevails through COVID-19

Audrey Snyder March 15, 2020

Rock Bridge hosted its annual Global Village celebration Friday, March 13 despite push back from corona concerned parents. Lasting all first and second hour, this event was the culmination of a week-long...

Senior Jordan Kuhnert shakes it in the front row during the girls dance Sheila. The meaning behind the song was about a girl being too sexy for a guy, and was the most upbeat of the girls choreography.

Dancers celebrate Indian culture during Global Village week

Audrey Snyder March 10, 2020

Global Village week's second day of celebration took place Tuesday, March 10 in the main commons through a display of international dancing. Fifty-three upperclassmen and two underclassmen dressed in traditional...

Metamorphosis of Birds exhibits beauty at the sake of plot

‘Metamorphosis of Birds’ exhibits beauty at the sake of plot

Audrey Snyder March 10, 2020

Following the family history of director Caterina Vasconcelos, Metamorfose dos Pássaros, or Metamorphosis of Birds, is a film of Portugeuse origin, language and culture lined with English subtitles. Focusing...

Senior Rawan Edaba picks up her little brother from his wheelchair to danced with him during the RBHS Bruinthon event. The two of them swayed to Disney music during the dance marathon. Bruinthon raised $14,176.65,  $1,259.40 more than last year. Photo by Audrey Snyder.

Bruinthon raises 14k “For the Kids”

Audrey Snyder March 10, 2020

In the RBHS main gym, students from Jeff City, Hickman and RBHS worked together to show support for Bruinthon club and its Mini Mizzouthon, the high school preliminary dance marathon charity feeding into...

Junior Nora Croom pouts and holds a peace sign on her way to class 3rd hour. Her flower-child 60s inspired outfit comes from the theater costume closet, as she is close with the costumer of the choir program.

Throwback Thursday sparks student spirit

Audrey Snyder February 28, 2020

On Thursday, Feb. 27 students dressed up for “Decade’s day,” donning outfits from decades assigned to each class. Freshman wore fashion from the 50’s, sophomores dressed like the 60’s, juniors...

Photo by Eliana Snyder

Hi from HI

Audrey Snyder February 4, 2020

“Aloha and welcome to Maui,” shouted a group of cheerful Hawaiians, waving my family toward them as they awaited our arrival just outside the Kahului airport. Greeting us with wide smiles and bright...

Junior Mackenzie Harvey looked away from the blood collection tube as she donated, staring instead at the gym ceiling. Standing next to her was her senior friend Ainsley Benson, supporting Harvey throughout the process. Photos by Sarah Mosteller.

StuCo hosts annual blood drive

Audrey Snyder November 22, 2019

Student Council (StuCo) hosted a Red Cross blood drive from first to third hour today, finishing up fourth hour after having collected 50 pints of blood from 8:55 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. This event fell on the...

Junior Jillian Larkin narrowly dodges a freshman trying to pull her flag. Escaping the close call, Larkin made it all the way to the 10 yard line before losing her flag. The junior PowderPuff team won this game, but  ultimately lost to the seniors.

Seniors defeat juniors to win PowderPuff

Audrey Snyder November 17, 2019

The football field was filled Thursday, Nov. 14 as 20 senior girls, five football coaches and a few enthusiastic fans danced in a halftime huddle to their anthem: “Boyfriend” by Big Time Rush. Spirits...

Unexpected adventure invites self-reflection

Unexpected adventure invites self-reflection

Audrey Snyder October 25, 2019

Sleep is my favorite state of being. Fading from daytime musings to muddled consciousness, I fall into oblivion. The journey of sleep is dreaming. Some nights my imagination runs, off a cliff, free-falling...

Seniors Ainsley Benson, John Crouse, Cooper Deneke, Reagan Richards, Landon Puckett, Jadyn Lisenby and Gabi Tella smile in their bright white togas

Students seize the day, dress Greek

Audrey Snyder October 3, 2019

Students dressed to the IX's for today's toga theme, Caesar dressing, wearing bed sheets, laurels, gladiator costumes, and gowns fit for a goddess.  At B lunch the homecoming queens and their escorts...

Junior Emily Marks serves the ball for the junior varsity team Sept. 17. Photo by Audrey Snyder

Volleyball to play Helias high school tonight

Audrey Snyder October 3, 2019

The volleyball team heads to Helias High School (HHS) at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 3. With many more games in the season, junior defensive specialist Cassie Gray feels confident in their ability, especially since...

Zöe and Lux Payne share all their outfits, and they are inspired by their mom who picks them out.

The festival’s most fashionable

Audrey Snyder October 2, 2019

On Sunday, Sept. 29, the final day of Roots ‘n Blues, attendees walked around hot and sweaty, exhausted in the humid 93°F day. In the dog days of summer, most of Columbia wore whatever outfit they could...

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