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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Kindness helps humans change

Abbie Powers May 24, 2012

With hair damp from rain and spirits trampled by life, the sincere concern of a friend caring for my well-being, three words, "how are you?" left me with a refreshing sense of hope and warmth. The words...

Boys varsity golf wins district tournament

Abbie Powers May 2, 2012

With a skillful performance and smart strategy, the boys varsity golf team snagged a first place victory at the sectional golf tournament in Springfield, Mo. Wednesday, May 2. The team won by 20 strokes,...

The Lucky One lacks substance, still entertains

‘The Lucky One’ lacks substance, still entertains

Abbie Powers April 22, 2012

The Lucky One is satisfying. While its transitions were slightly awkward, its acting less than groundbreaking and its story borderline cliché, it was good because it was exactly what it should have been. A...

Tennis dominates first game in mid-Missouri Invitational tournament

Tennis dominates first game in mid-Missouri Invitational tournament

Abbie Powers April 21, 2012

While most high school students were catching up on lost sleep on Saturday, April 21, the Bruins swiftly defeated their opponent, Lafayette (7, 2), winning both singles and doubles. The boys’ varsity...

Winning streak continues for JV golf

Abbie Powers April 10, 2012

Showing steady consistency, the boys JV and C golf teams beat the Helias Crusaders at LA Nickell’s Golf Course Tuesday, April 10. Senior Scott Coffelt said although junior varsity is not as intense...

Comfort blooms in home, familiarity

Abbie Powers April 4, 2012

A spring break spent in Paris, France was only 50 feet from its close. As my driveway grew into sight, I gathered some composure, forced my weighted lids apart and realized how far I’d come. Paris is...

Volunteers devote time, effort to Special Olympics teams

Abbie Powers March 24, 2012

When junior Hannah Dougherty walks onto the basketball courts these days, she isn’t there to play a competitive game. She is there to help Special Olympics athletes improve their skills. Dougherty began...

Lady Bruins pull through with semifinals victory despite slow start

Abbie Powers March 8, 2012

The athletes of Rock Bridge High School’s girls basketball team (25-3) proved worthy of the buzzing hype preceding this afternoon’s Class 5 State Semifinal game. The Mizzou Arena’s grand stage let...

Girls basketball wins courtwarming game against Helias

Abbie Powers February 17, 2012

Courtwarming week was a blur of neon and '90s, and the girls basketball game against Helias Catholic High School was just as flashy and thrilling as this week’s festive - if not tacky - tribute to...

Drawing the day away: During her lunch, senior Cora Trout finishes her most recent piece of work inspired by architectural columns. Trout has taken art classes by choice for five years now. Although she is not planning to pursue a career in art, she hopes to continue drawing as a hobby and as means of expression. Photo by Halley Hollis

Expression through artwork brings satisfaction

Abbie Powers February 6, 2012

Senior Cora Trout burns off her creative juices not only by depicting her own visually stirring ideas, but also by maintaining a strong sense of respect and admiration for the grandiose architecture of...

Girls basketball beats Hickman

Abbie Powers January 26, 2012

A rivalry as old as time, or at least as old as 1973, the year the Bruins were born, pushed the crowd at tonight’s Rock Bridge/Hickman girls basketball game into cheers of hearty enthusiasm. In their...

Album and film covers used under fair use exception to copyright laws

Breaking Dawn: Part 1 shows its true colors

Abbie Powers November 24, 2011

A swirling, reddish mist crawled through a burning screen, weaving in and out of the sinister, shining letters perched forebodingly atop a cloud of blood-red sky — Breaking Dawn: Part 1. As I laughed...

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