After Hours


Asa Lory

         I like school when nobody’s around. There’s the sense that the building is the same, but everything about it is different. It’s quiet. I happened to be here at 10:30 a couple nights ago for journalism late nights (It’s like a whole second school day tacked onto the regular one!), and I decided to grab a camera and go for a walk.


I wanted to see what happens at Rock Bridge when light fades into darkness…


…And darkness into light.


When light spills up stairwells from the unseen depths below.


It’s bizarre when the only person I see walking the halls is myself.


It’s an eerie feeling when the main hall is empty and desolate.


As is the entrance.


As is Providence itself.



– – –



– – –


Having walked through the darkened hallways alone for half an hour, I was relieved to rejoin the noise and commotion of the newspaper staff on our way out the door.


And finally, late into the frigid night, my good old Milo was the last car in the parking lot.


It was good of him to wait so long for me!