Dance-a-thon will raise money for Children’s Hospital

Afsah Khan

Students will come together Dec. 16 to raise money for University of Missouri Children’s Hospital.  Even on what forecasts predict could be a frigid night, students will not go cold dancing in the Columbia Area Career Center.
Anyone who signs up for this marathon will face tough work; every team will dance six straight hours.
“So I’m thinking up until hour three, it’s gonna be good,” Junior M.C. Burns said. “But then I’m gonna have to start swaying back and forth.”
All of the exhaustion will pay off in the end.
“It’s a cool idea whenever a group of students come together for a great cause,” said Activities Director David Bones, “especially something like the University of Missouri’s Children Hospital.”
Groups can sign up in the activities office; it costs $10 to join for the group, $15 for an individual.  All proceeds will go benefit the children.
“I’m really excited to do something fun, that’s going to benefit people in our community,” senior Kelsey Nietzel said.

By Mallory Barnes, Anna Houston, Carleigh Thrower