Soccer faces disappointing loss in state semifinals


Daphne Yu

Facing the Pain: Assistant coach Alex Nichols and fellow senior goalkeeper Jonas Gassmann console Andrew Bare after the loss in penalty kicks to the Tigers. Photo by Parker Sutherland
Tonight during its semifinal match-up against the Oakville Tigers, the Bruin soccer team played its longest game—a 3:39 minute heartbreaker–only to come up short, 0-1.
With a tied score of zero at the end of regular play and two overtimes, the Bruins (27-4) and the Tigers (21-7-1) each faced an alternating series of five penalty kicks.
The Tigers took to the line first, scoring. Senior Matt Kelly followed, successfully only to watch the second Tiger put another ball into the goal. The second Bruin to step up was junior Eli Sherman whose PK was blocked.  Although seniors  Ty Griggs and Sam Stoeckle both made PKs so did all three of the remaining Tigers leaving Kory McDonald without even a chance to take one.
Senior Andrew Bare came into the game, only to face PKs. Bare had finger tips to two of the Tigers shots, but both fared too much to handle resulting in a win for Oakville.
Throughout competition windy weather and cold only made play more difficult as the Bruins began the long battle where players were hit hard with mental and physical intensity. From the beginning of the first half, the Tigers attacked with ferocity, yet sophomore goalie Greg Kelly let in no goals getting knocked unconscious towards the end of the second overtime.
The boys could have lost morale in the second half after junior Ryan Stanowski, who played in every game this season, limped off the field because of an injury. But the Bruins stayed united.
During the game the Bruins received two yellow cards and the Tigers received four.
The Bruins played Lee’s Summit West (24-6) at noon Saturday in Blue Springs to place third in state.
By Daphne Yu
additional reporting by Parker Sutherland