Cameron Thompson


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I think people should be more aware about how they condemn black people for exhibiting the same behaviors that they celebrate in non-black people. People hear black people talking in AAVE and call it ‘ghetto’, but when white people do it, its a trend. People see black people dressing a certain way and automatically assume that they are poorer or less educated, until white people start dressing the same way and it makes all the headlines. Rap music is ‘the devil’s music’ until white people start listening to it, and they decide it’s not. Anything that is uniquely ‘black’ has a negative connotation until other cultures adopt it and suddenly decide it’s acceptable. I think it all comes down to the stereotype that black people are less educated and less respectable. Whitewashing culture is areal problem, but an even bigger problem is condemning black cultures on black people, then celebrating white people when they do the same thing.
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