Students learn through conversations


Sophomore Jacque Drown sits on the bus along with her classmates as they near the school. Drown is returning from a field trip to Lenoir Woods Retirement Home with her Teaching Professions class. Photo by Sarah Mosteller.

Sarah Mosteller

Throughout the year students will continue to learn more about our education system through discussions with people who give insight from a variety of perspectives. Students enrolled in the Teaching Professions course at the Columbia Area Career Center (CACC) went on a field trip to the Lenoir Woods Retirement Home. Tuesday, Oct 8 in conclusion to their education history unit.
Teaching Professions teacher Gina Greenplate tasked her students to ask the senior citizens about their education, some of which took place over half a century ago.
“The purpose of the field trip was to give students the opportunity to conclude our unit on the history of education by getting to interview residents [at Lenoir Woods] who had experienced education at a different time than them,” Greenplate said. “To hear about [the residents] experiences and to make connections between [the residents] experiences and things that we had learned in class about the history of education.”
The Chapel at the retirement home flooded with conversations between the elders and the students. Wrinkled smiles spread across the faces of the residents and laughter resounded among the students.
“It’s always been a great experience because I feel like students and the residents both gain something from it,” Greenplate said. “The residents get an opportunity to share their stories and they get an opportunity to then also ask questions of younger generations and what they experience. And then the students get the opportunity to just learn about their experiences in education and sometimes their life experiences, too.”[penci_image_gallery images=”305462,305461,305460,305459,305458,305457,305456,305455,305454,305453,305452,305450,305449″ auto_time=”4000″ speed=”800″ block_title_align=”style-title-left”]