Bronze Bull replaces Golden Cow


poster for bronze bull

Kat Sarafianos

Earlier this year, Student Council canceled an age-old Rock Bridge tradition. Golden Cow, a student and faculty lip syncing competition, was a staple in the school’s social calendar for the past decade since its original conception in the early 90s.
The competition was a fun student-led event that allowed kids and faculty to organize silly dances with friends and then perform them for the school, with all profits going to a charity of Student Council’s choice, said junior student council member, RonTayza Hill.
Upset by this cancellation after months of practice, senior Javan Whitney-Warner decided to create her own singing competition, Bronze Bull.
“We started it originally to try to give a chance to those students, especially seniors, who didn’t get a chance to perform, but also because we felt responsible to carry on the tradition,” Whitney-Warner said. “We chose to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society [after it was] put to a vote on Facebook among parties interested in Bronze Bull.”
Hoping to get as many students as involved as possible, Warner reached to the drama club.
“I was contacted by Javan Whitney-Warner, who thought drama club would have an interest in supporting a performance event,” RBHS drama and debate teacher, Holly Mannis said. “Drama Club did decide to support this performance.”
Hill commended warner for her active participation and cited a lack of student participation as why Golden Cow had to be canceled.
“Golden Cow this year was cancelled because student involvement has really plummeted throughout the past years, and this year sadly was at an all-time low,” Hill said. “Student participation is important because obviously without having people wanting to get involved then things won’t happen. [Furthermore], it creates a much more fun atmosphere for everyone, and everybody just wants to be able to have fun in high school.”
The event will take place on March 24 and students can sign up untill March 15 in the Activities Office.