New book club plans for second meeting


Elad Gov-Ari

This Wednesday will mark the second meeting of the RBHS book club and will run from 4:15 to 5:15. The first meeting, last month, was a dry run of sorts, as  only five students arrived.
“There was [a] little talk about starting [the club] last semester, but I was new here so I wasn’t really familiar with what had gone on before,” Media center specialist and club organizer Beth Shapiro said. “Once I started getting a feel for how things went I sent out an email saying, ‘Hey, does anyone want to get a book club going?’ and just like that we had a meeting about a month ago.”
Shapiro hosted last month’s meeting and encouraged the small number of students to go out and recruit friends to join the club. She also added that the upcoming meeting will determine how students want to run future events.
“[The students] that showed up last time seemed really excited. They also wanted to get more people to come to the upcoming meeting this Wednesday,” Shapiro said. “The big thing is that nothing has really been decided as far as how it’s going to be run. Last time we just talked about books we recently read, and the plan for Wednesday is to see how future meeting will go, whether kids want to read a specific book or just talk like last time.”
Excited for Wednesday, senior McKenna Neville put a lot of time into recruiting friends. With hopes for monthly meetings, Neville is optimistic about the turnout for the club and the discussions that will take place.
“I think it would awesome to collectively read a book, but realistically I don’t think that will happen,’ Neville said. “Everyone is pretty busy with homework and extracurriculars already so I have a feeling we will stick to just discussing books in general.”
Shooting for around 10 people to arrive, both Neville and Shapiro enjoy the nature of the club, whether that be discussing or reading books. Shapiro and the past attendants of the club are doing their best to publicize and start up the new club with hopes of discussing their appreciation for literature.
“Everybody at the last meeting said they’d show up and bring friends,and said they were going to publicize it more. You might have seen the signs around the building, and I posted it on the media center Twitter page,” Shapiro said. “That being said, I’m hopeful some kids will show up, talk about the books their reading and have fun doing it.”