Mystery mounds discovered in Missouri


Native American artifact. Photo by Riley Martin.

Riley Martin

Native American artifact. Photo by Riley Martin.
Native American artifact. Photo by Riley Martin.
For the past 10 to 15 years the mysterious mystery mound located in the
Midwest has been spinning up curiosity among locals. According to websites it’s known
as a “hall of records” of sorts. The question is for who made it? The Native Americans?
Perhaps the creators are even more ancient than we think. For those of you who are not
familiar with the local story, the ‘Missouri Mystery Mound’ is a man-made “mound” in
the ground with a series of interconnected passages underneath a section of the Mark
Twain National Forest in central Missouri.
The story of the ‘Mystery Mound’ starts with Charles Teague. Teague, an
archaeology enthusiast, was incredulously searching for the Holy Grail in mid-America
when he heard on the radio a local Native American shaman being interviewed by Art
Bell in the early 1990’s. Mr. Teague says, “The beginning of my search for an ancient
mound in the backwoods of Middle America began quite innocently several years ago
while listening to the late night talk show with Art Bell. (The shaman) was telling this
story about how this Indian who had come to him while he was doing some exploring,”
Teague said. “This Indian took him to this place back in the back woods to a ‘hall of
records’ under a mountain.” The shaman continued to tell Art Bell that he was shown
temples of 10, 000 year old artifacts but despite being blindfolded for the security of the
temple, he remembered exactly where it was.
Using his knowledge of reverse speech technology while listening to the radio
program for three hours, Teague was able to pull apart the words. “He said ‘near the
fault in America in the forest in the mountains’,” Teague said. “I said it was in the New
Madrid fault. It couldn’t be anywhere else.” The New Madrid fault line runs through
Mark Twain National Forest, which overlaps the Ozark Mountain range.
Teague eventually just forgot about the mound because it was too confusing. However while
at a presentation on historical American peacemakers he sparked interest in the mound
again. Colonel George Morgan, who brokered a peace agreement between the Native
Americans and revolutionaries after the war of independence, stuck out to him. After
the Revolutionary War, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson gave Morgan the
job of mapping out the Spanish territories from the Mississippi River and Ohio Valley
and all that. After founding the city of New Madrid, he went back to New Jersey, built a
luxurious estate, and lived the rest of his life comfortably and quite wealthy.
Teague wondered about Morgan, “How did he become a millionaire? He didn’t
get it from his family. He didn’t get it from the Continental Congress. “I figured he must
have gotten from the Indians.” Teague studied Colonel Morgan’s coat of arms and
something didn’t seem right according to him. “I noticed in the lower left hand corner
there was one box that didn’t make any damn sense. It was offset squares with X’s with
something going through the middle. I started looking at it and thought, – This was a grid
map.” This must be where he got his fortune.
Teague drove and searched a small section of Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri.
“In 100 degrees we went into the backwoods and walked around to find it. We spent most of the day going
back in the swamps and Ancient Mounds Found in Columbia.
“We found nothing.”
Artwork 'Lujan' by Bill Scheidt.
Artwork ‘Lujan’ by Bill Scheidt.
After finding nothing, he continued another day searching. After two
more trips through the forest accompanied with Native Americans and his brothers he
suspected he found this ‘mystery mound.’
“We found a circular path, and as we were walking back along this long gulley,
and my brother said, ‘hey look up at that rock formation, it looks like a lizard.’ That’s
what I was looking for. A lizard.” A lizard was found on the suspicious grid on the coat
of arms of Colonel Morgan. After finding the Hall of Records Teague reveals, “The
main thing was the Wall with the giant skull carved into it,” Teague said. “It has all the
esoteric carving in it. An ancient god, and Saturn (the planet.) There was an entrance
there too, but we didn’t open it, or we’d be dead. Whoever’s watching it was there.
Unfortunately while heading back to the car, several men were standing there “carrying
all kinds of guns” according to Teague. Defensively the group stated they had a Cherokee
with them and they were allowed to leave. He decided to take a friend to the Mound. “He
wouldn’t go now,” Teague says.
Embedded pictures of lions, apes, and an elephant are showing an African sense
at the site, but interestingly also some type of humanoid reptilian that whoever carved
these apparently worshipped. “It’s a reptilian god. It’s the god they worship,” he said.
“You’ve got lions, apes, dragons, aliens, you can’t make heads or tails of this place.
Teague claims that an aerial photograph of the Mound shows a gray alien pointing to a
star is carved into the landscape. “That was a cave entrance,” he said. “If you go into that
cave you’ll find out the secret of the star where (he) came from. The Corps of Engineers
built a new road and the cave is no longer there. I think the other entrance is at the
Shaft.” A big stone hidden behind trees is the Shaft, unfortunately though it is blocked
with debris and isn’t accessible. “The next time we went up, they’d built a block over it.
Somebody knew we were back there,” claims Teague.
“Before my last trip I’d sent an email to the Army Corps of Engineers and told
them of the giant skull and Wall and asked what they knew about it,” Teague said. The
man he contacted seemed interested in Teague’s news – too interested. “He said, ‘this
thing’s great. Get your family and all your friends and take us up through the forest and
take us to this Wall. I said, ‘sure.’ I’ll never go back there again. I know exactly what
was planned. I could see the headline now. ‘UFO cult comes into the backwoods of
Missouri and commits suicide.’ You could see where that was going.” Mr. Teague is
almost certain that whoever the man he talked to at the Army Corps of Engineers wasn’t
entirely innocent and knew something more about the archaeological site than he let on.
Could I possibly be a governmental cover up? “Hell, if I know about it, somebody knows
about it. I don’t think it’s the government. I think the people (in the woods) have been
protecting this place since people have been there. I think it may be a pagan cult from
long ago.” Regarding the strange symbols he claims to have found (the elephant, ram,
owl, and men) he says, “There’s a bearded man inside the ram’s head, like a king. It has
to do with a lamb and a king and it would make him a shepherd king. The owl is the sign
of wisdom.”
Could the bearded man be a depiction of David from the Bible? “David, the shepherd king, allowed the Arc
of the Covenant to be taken to Ethiopia. In ancient times they took it on a boat in Ethiopia, around
the Gulf of Mexico to the Mississippi River, and buried it in the Hall of Records in the Missouri Mystery
Mound. I believe the Arc of the Covenant is buried at the Missouri Mystery Mound.
That’s my theory. In antiquity someone carved out the mounds because that’s where the
Arc of the Covenant was to be taken. Not only did they built it and carve it 20,000 years
ago, they go back and re-carve it over and over again,” he said. “Carve mountains and
valleys? We couldn’t do that. It’s not natural; it’s alien formed. I’m convinced at that.”
It is intriguing and mysterious that it seems to be so protected and there’s so much
resistance to even the people who are most interested in this kind of thing. “To me this
is the most sacred mythological site in America that nobody knows about. There’s some
sort of energy there that keeps it quiet,” he said. “You’d think there’d be archeologists
all over the damn country wanting to investigate the place, but nobody wants to go up
there and look at it.”
Teague does not plan to go back.
“This place is so fantastic, and I
am not even seeing anything but the McDonald’s sign. We’re not even seeing the inside
of McDonald’s, the inside of the mountain. Good lord. But if I went back in there, I’d be
killed,” Teague said. “If you go up there you’d better go with a big-assed guns. You’d
better be armed.” Today, Teague still seems unsure of exactly it is that he saw; only
conspiracy theories and speculation remain. Perhaps the Native American Shaman he
heard on the radio’s goal was to simply map these ancient sites and use this knowledge to
protect them and achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness of the ancient places.