Like day schedules, not well liked


photo by Mikaela Acton

Tess Lovig

Just hearing the phrase “like day schedule” makes me cringe.   The plan for next year’s schedule is two days of Bruin Block and three days of like-day scheduling per week. After having like day schedules on special occasions like assemblies this year, I want nothing more to do with them.

9th grade bruin block class. Photo by Mikaela Acton
Ninth graders are in Bruin Block class today. Photo by Mikaela Acton

Bruin Block is more beneficial than these extra minutes in a classroom. Longer classes make it harder for me to pay attention, and all I will focus on is when the class will be finished and when lunch starts.

Having different lunch times depending on what day of the week it is and figuring out which lunch I have will not be pleasant. My body will not be used to eating at one time of the day and may not be hungry at lunch time depending on the day.

If like day schedules will be the same as this year, A- lunch will take place after first hour, so I will probably skip breakfast. Skipping meals isn’t a healthy option, but it isn’t my fault if I am not hungry at these preposterous assigned lunch times.

Besides eating, it will be hard for incoming freshmen to develop a close relationship with their bruin block teachers and classmates. The class is supposed to build relationships with teachers and students and prepare students for their future. They will only see each other twice a week, and it will totally change students’ outlook on the class, by making it seem less important. It will have less of an impact on their success in the future.

This schedule is not a beneficial change to students and if enough awareness is raised, the administration may change it in the future.
By Tess Lovig