Students go all out for Disney Day


Mikaela Acton

Wednesday has been “Disney Day.” For this Courtwarming theme day, Pixar, Disney, and Nicktoons’ characters roamed the halls on their way to classes. Here is a look at what people wore.
[custom_gallery source=”media: 259440,259439,259438,259434,259433,259431,259426,259425,259423,259422″ target=”blank” width=”300″ height=”210″ title=”never”] [custom_gallery source=”media: 259424,259435,259432,259430,259429,259437,259436,259424,259427″ target=”blank” width=”210″ height=”300″ title=”never”] Photos by Mikaela Acton
What was your favorite costume? If you snapped a picture, tweet us @rbhsbearingnews