New tycoon explores video game creation


Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi

Stage one out of three in the development stages in Game Dev Tycoon. Screenshot by Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi
Stage one out of three in the development stages in Game Dev Tycoon. Screenshot by Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi

Game Dev Tycoon is a game that simulates a video game creator starting small and eventually becoming famous. Players start out working by themselves in a garage, producing games and trying their best to hit $1 million so they can move into a better office building and hire workers there.

 The game was released Dec. 10, 2012 and also features a trial version that only lasts until year 5 and doesn’t let users move out of the garage. I decided to play the trial to see if I would like it. I started with $70,000 and 0 fans. The tutorial showed me how to make my first game. It let me choose what genre and topic the game would be, so I chose adventure for the genre and fantasy for the topic. I decided to call it “Dragons Everywhere.” There are three stages of development. Each development stage has three bars. In order to make a good game, you need to balance the bars correctly in accordance with the topic and genre of the game you are making. For example, if you are making an adventure game, you would need to put more focus on the world design and the graphics compared to the sound. After my game was finished, a box popped up saying, “The first reviews for our newly released game, “Dragons Everywhere,” came in!” After a short animation, I could see all the reviews, and they were all out of 10. I got an average of 6.75 for my first game. Not bad. I was also shown how many units of the game were sold and how much cash was made per week. Within a week of releasing “Dragons Everywhere,” a box popped up saying I’d sold 3,968 units in the first week, giving me $27,800 and 14 fans. After many other games that did about as well as the first, I struck gold. I made a sports simulation game and called it “Sports Everything.” It got an average rating of 9.75 and sold 180,416 units, making a total of $1,262,948. At this point, a box appeared saying that if I was playing the full game, I would be able to move into a bigger office and start hiring people, but I wouldn’t be able to do it now because I was only playing the trial. Over time, different consoles are released and they come out in order of when they were actually released to the world. They use names that are similar but not exactly the same as the console companies due to copyright issues. They are Micronoft (Microsoft), Ninvento (Nintendo), Vonny (Sony), Grapple (Apple), KickIT (Kickstarter), Vena (Sega) and Govadore International (Commodore). The consoles start with the PC and the G64 and eventually reach the MPad (Microsoft Surface), Wuu (Wii U), PLaysystem 4 (Playstation 4) and GrPad (IPad), among others. Overall, I actually liked the game because of the realistic aspect of it. In order to be a famous video game creator, you need to train yourself and have a big team of developers that specialize in different aspects of creating games. You also have to pay attention and make everything perfect in order to make a good game that will make you a lot of cash, making it need just enough strategy to make it fun.

The creators of Game Dev Tycoon admitted to posting a “pirated” version of the game websites like The company decided to make the pirate version a little different than the full version. In the pirated copy, every time a hit game was made a message would appear saying that the game had a problem with many people pirating it, so you end up making no profit from the sales, when in the non-pirated version, you would make hundreds of millions of dollars on a best-selling game.