Homecoming excites Bruins

Sami Pathan

The 2011 edition of homecoming week will take students from coast to coast. What has come to be known as the “Bruin Nation” theme will focus on promoting the different styles from around the country along with the RBHS spirit.
Games in the commons, creative costumes and the annual football game will all be taking place during the week. Homecoming week will be Oct. 3-8.
“The announcement assembly is Thursday [Sept. 22nd],” activities director David Bones said. “We acknowledge fall sports, homecoming queen candidates and, of course, the trike race — when we get to do all sorts of craziness.”
Inductees into the RBHS Hall of Fame, where graduates who have made a special impact in their communities, are also recognized. This year includes a world renowned barbecue champion, a nationally influential macroeconomist and some local artists — a group that stresses the variety of personality found at RBHS.
“Every year — it’s so amazing to me, we get such a variety,” Bones said. “You know we’ve had Carl Edwards. We’ve had the head of NBC studios. We’ve had percussionists that have performed at Saturday Night Live, and the list goes on and on. The diversity and quality — it’s the same this year as others. I’m really happy with this year’s class.”
Entry into the Hall of Fame is a special honor, one that goes through a distinctive selection process.
“There’s a committee of former Rock Bridge faculty and staff — they look for folks that have made outstanding contributions to their field,and/or the community,” Bones said. “Certainly in this group, all of [the candidates] meet all the criteria. They’re a special bunch.”
This year’s “Bruin Nation” theme features a cross-country road trip where students dress up on different days according to the location. The trip begins Monday in Los Angeles then moves to Dallas Tuesday. The following day is a hop across the border to New Orleans followed by a retiree themed Florida day. The week ends back home with a green-and-gold-themed day.
“I love homecoming week — the game and the dance — because everyone is brimming with school spirit,” junior Muhamedali Khenissi said. “Everyone’s generally so excited, the school is so energized. It’s just a really good time, except for the football game, which we seem to lose a lot.”
Homecoming queen activities started this week with the voting for candidates yesterday. In order to know the nine queen candidates better, those considered will partake in various activities, introducing themselves in the commons and various other locations throughout the week.
“The week of homecoming, they’ll be doing some activities out in the commons, as well as having a questionnaire posted and their pictures, so people can get a feel for who’s who,” Bones said.
On Friday of homecoming week, the RBHS football team will face off against Francis Howell High School at 7 p.m. During the halftime portion of the game, the winner of homecoming queen will also be announced.
“I think homecoming is great just because you get to hang out with all your friends for the entire night, and it’s just a fun event to just go out and do,” senior Jordan Reynolds said.
The week will end with the annual homecoming dance Saturday, Oct. 8 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., taking place in the gym.
“I’m pretty excited for the dance,” Khenissi said. “For one, I’m quite the dancer. I love hanging with my friends, for sure.”
Reynolds is as excited as Khenissi expect for one distinct difference. This year he and his friends will be much more involved, due to it being their last year to enjoy the all the celebrations.
“I think the homecoming dance is pretty cool just because, like, a lot of Rock Bridge is there so you get to meet new people and have a good time with them,” Reynolds said. “It’s your last year in high school and you might as well have the most fun with it before you go to college.”
By Sami Pathan and Nadav Gov-Ari