Bands perform before districts


Daphne Yu

Symphonic Band
Wind Ensemble

Last night, the RBHS bands performed in the Performing Arts Center at 7 p.m. The two bands, Wind Ensemble and the symphonic band perfected their playing for the final time before Districts. Junior Amanda Eaton is part of the Wind Ensemble and thinks their performance went off smoothly.

“It went well,” Eaton said. “The concert, it’s like a pre-festival concert for districts on Thursday, so we were prepared.”

Going into the District competition this Thursday, Rock Bridge is against schools from all over the region, including Hickman High School. With hopes of attaining the highest score of 1, RBHS is aiming to continue in its legacy of success tomorrow.

“RBHS has a name to uphold,” Eaton said. “We always get 1’s so if we don’t get 1’s it’s embarrassing. We need to beat Hickman.”

Among the many slip-ups that could occur at Districts, sight reading is an infamous flaw that the bands must navigate through on the road to success. Despite the numerous potential obstacles, Senior Maggie Washer isn’t stressed about Thursday’s outcome. Practicing since mid-January, Washer believes the bands are well on their way to success, and another title for Rock Bridge.

“I thought the concert went really well. The directors seemed happy with our performances,” Washer said. “I think we’re well prepared for contest. Our program is full of talented musicians, so sight reading won’t be an issue, and our pieces are polished at this point so there’s really nothing for us to worry about.”

By Ashleigh Atasoy