Meet Sam Keller, candidate for student body treasurer


Jackie Nichols

Why are you running for this position?
I’m running for treasurer because I’ve always been good with money; it’s a little cliche. I love Rock Bridge, and I’d like to use the budget as much as I can to fund fun activities for the school and even seek out sponsors to bring in even more money for the school to help with activites and academics.
What impact do you hope to make while in office?
I want to sort of create this thing called “Rock Bridge Town Hall” where everybody who’s not in Student Council gets the opportunity to come and give their ideas directly to student council instead of just complaining about it to their friends. They can actually tell somebody and who can do something about it. Other than that, it’s senior year, and I’d just like to have as much fun as I can to make this school as much fun for everybody my senior year.
What have you done to campaign?
Right now, nothing, since I just turned in my application. By tomorrow, I hope to have some fliers up, maybe a poster or two, we’ll see. In fact, yesterday, I was told I couldn’t [run for president] because I wasn’t in student council before that, but they called me in today and said I could run for treasurer, secretary or vice president. So today was really actually the first day I figured out I could actually do it so I’ll start campaigning tomorrow.
What makes you qualified for the position?
I love my school. Rock Bridge, our slogan is “Freedom with responsibility,” and I love that. I love the fact that I can get out of U.S. class to be interviewed … and the fact that me and Troy can carry around cameras and sort of just, you know, make a video whenever we want and I can go into [activities director David] Bone’s office at any time and pose an idea to him or something like that to make the school more fun; I love the activities here.
What qualities do you have that would make you a good candidate for the office?
I’m good with math, so I guess, you know, that’s a good quality to have as treasurer. I’m organized. I don’t know, I guess school spirit counts, so that’s something I’m very high on.
What politician do you model your approach after?
I have no idea. I don’t follow politics too much, and I don’t think student council is politics necessarily, it’s just a way for students to tell the faculty that all kids are different, each class is different, and what are some better ways to run the school and the most fun with the activities we have.
Where do you see yourself politically in 10 years?
Non-existent. I don’t think I’m going to have a career in politics, I just want to do this for next year.
How are you reaching out to the community to help your campaign.
I had an idea for a charity event that I guess Rock Bridge has sort of already done before, like a male fashion show that was taken a little too far in the last few years so i don’t know if that’s going to work. But I hope to do a couple charity events if I’m on council.
What are your ideas on the playground additions on the north side of school? 
I guess it’s for a preschool, and I think that’s really cool because the fact that Rock Bridge has a preschool is kinda cool, and its good that we’re letting the kids get a new playground equipment because we’re knocking out their old one to build a gym, so it’s kind of fair.
What do you think the student body is looking for in a candidate?
Our class – the 2013 class – has been sort of unenergetic, and [Activities Director David] Bones has said it before. I think they’re looking for energy, enthusiasm … I guess that makes me a good candidate.
By Jackie Nichols