JV girls basketball grab win over Kewps

Ashleigh Atasoy

In the first of two overtimes, sophomore guard Liz Best attempts to block an inbound pass. The Bruins went on to beat Hickman JV 43-40. Photo by Shaun Gladney
In an exciting finish to a long game, the JV Bruin girls basketball team scraped up yet another victory. This time it was against the Hickman tonight. 

Beating the Kewpies 43-40 in double overtime, the girls were happy to steal the close win.

“I think we have played better before, but we played good tonight,” Elizabeth Best, a 5’6″ JV Bruin guard said. “We really worked as a team.”

Still, the win doesn’t mean the Lady Bruins are ready to take their next game, Tuesday, Jan. 31 in the Webster Winter Challenge in Webser Groves, for granted.

“We can definitely talk more on defense,” Best said.  “And also we need to not let the other team get a lot of offensive rebounds.”

Sophomore Whitney Cravens watched from the stands as the Bruins fought for their victory. “They were bringing their game [tonight],” she said.

Another loyal spectator, Amanda Baker, was equally happy.

“It was toward the end of the game, and Rock Bridge was down by one, and it was up to this Rock Bridge girl to make the free throws.  She missed her first one but made the second one,” Baker said. ” Then it was tied up and they went into first overtime.  Then towards the end of the first overtime that’s when they were tied again and Elizabeth [Best] travelled with a couple seconds left, and they had to try hard to make sure Hickman didn’t score.  Hickman didn’t.  Then it went to second overtime and Rock Bridge ended up winning.”
This nailbiter made way for a varsity domination over Hickman in a landslide win.
By Ashleigh Atasoy